Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Romantic Flop Bloghop

If you are looking for my A-Z post, you can find it here. :)

I'm here with my second blog post of the day to help promote Krista McLaughlin's debut novella, Breathless, which you can buy right now by following this link to Krista's blog!

The Romantic Flop Blog Hop gives everyone a chance to share an awkward moment they’ve had with someone they had a crush on, whether you eventually married the person or never saw them again. In the beginning of BREATHLESS, Lainey has an awkward encounter with her love interest and it's hilarious!

I signed up to this bloghop thinking I'd have loads of  examples of awkward moments with crushes, but... I really don't. It's not that I am a master at the dating thing, I just tend to avoid anything potentially awkward! :p

I can give you an example of a time I put myself in an awkward situation with a guy by mistake, though.

I used to work in a toy shop in a very busy seaside town. It was mid-summer so the place was swarming with tourists. One day while I was working, a guy came into the shop and asked me if there were any good pubs in town where he could have a good time that evening. I recommended my favourite pub, and said, "I'll be there.". Ha. Let me be clear. I really wasn't flirting, I was going out that night with my boyfriend, but I really didn't think anything of what I said at the time. I'm friendly!

Fast forward to the pub. The guy was there, and dammit, he wouldn't leave me alone. I had to very politely explain that I wasn't hitting on him when I said I'd be at the pub... I was just being nice.He didn't easily take the hint.

That evening could not end fast enough.


  1. Yeah...I'd totally have too many stories for this Bloghop. How embarrassing for me. I always try to avoid awkward, but it keeps finding me.

    And congratulations to Krista!

    Love your story, though.

  2. Awkward moments are the best, though. Haha. <3

  3. I would have said something similar, because I have that same friendly type of personality. I honestly wouldn't have thought twice about telling that guy to go to my fav pub either. But The Husband always tells me I'm a bit "naive". I prefer to always just believe the best of people. :)

  4. Oops! I can see why he misconstrued what you said, but when you explained it, he really should've gotten the hint.

  5. Oh, that is awkward. I can see how you didn't think anything of it, and I can understand how he misconstrued it. Miscommunication is the seed from which countless stories burst forth.

  6. Yikes! That was awkward for him! =P

  7. HA! Fantastic. Always like to avoid those awkward moments if at all possible!

  8. That was awkward. I can see this in a novel though.

  9. Oops - awkward! :) It does make a great story for you though! :)

    Thanks so much for participating and sharing about my book release! Love you girl!

  10. See?You should have just said you had malaria! Works like a charm.

    That dude in the bar? I am a magnet for them. Or was. Getting older has some advantages ;)