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Mosaic by Leigh T. Moore Is Here!

I love Leigh - and I love her whole Dragonfly Series - it's been a pleasure to read and I can't wait to get my hands on this one, too! Title: Mosaic (Dragonfly #4) Author: Leigh Talbert Moore Release Date: June 30, 2014 Genre: YA/NA Romance       Blurb Mosaic , the exciting conclusion to The Dragonfly series, coming June 30, 2014! The future never goes as planned. People are never what they seem. Time changes everything. So you want to know what happened to Anna and Julian? Well, listen up, because I’ve got the whole scoop. I’m Jules, btw, and I am an artist, as you already know if you’ve read Watercolor . What you might not know is I inherited my mother’s cute little newsy nose, thank you very much. It’s high school reunion time, and everyone’s coming back to Fairview—everyone who’s not already there, mind you. What went wrong, who’s fault it was, and why the heck nobody knew about me … it’s all coming out. Long-distance relationships rarely last, and a l

Big news! And some other stuff!

Those of you who didn't see my announcement on Facebook yesterday might be looking at this with a little confusion, since this is NOT the original cover for my novella, If I Let You Go - BUT it's okay. I had to change the cover because If I Let You Go is soon to be released as an audiobook!!!! The recording is complete, my narrator, Keely Beresford is fabulous, and all I'm waiting for now is for the audiobook to hit the stores! You may remember I started a Kickstarter project for the recording of Game On as an audiobook. I genuinely nearly fell off my chair when I got an audition through for If I Let You Go just after I launched the Kickstarter project for Game On.Needless to say, the Kickstarter project didn't work out - but thanks to all of you who donated! I am still going to need money to make a Game On audiobook happen - it's too big a job to expect someone to do it for a royalty share, but until then, I am thrilled that IILYG will be available on au

Cover Reveal: Effigy by M.J. Fifield

 Those of you who know M.J. Fifield will know this book has been a while in the making, but I bet, just like me, you are super excited about its release! Today, I'm here for M.J's cover reveal so - here we go!!  Effigy Blurb: The survival of a once-mighty kingdom rests in the hands of its young queen, Haleine CoileĆ”in, as it slowly succumbs to an ancient evil fueled by her husband’s cruelty. A sadistic man with a talent for torture and a taste for murder, he is determined to burn the land and all souls within. Haleine is determined to save her kingdom and, after a chance encounter, joins forces with the leader of the people’s rebellion. She gives him her support, soon followed by her heart. Loving him is inadvertent but becomes as natural and necessary as breathing. She lies and steals on his behalf, doing anything she can to further their cause. She compromises beliefs held all her life, for what life will exist if evil prevails? Her journey

More Cat Talk!

Hey guys! So, last week I posted about the possibility of creating an anthology to raise money for my local branch of Cats Protection. I think there has been enough interest to go ahead with it so I am going to add a sign up list at the bottom of this post for those who want to be involved. Deciding what kind of things to put in the book is a challenge, because the majority of us don't usually write about cats lol. However, I think it might work if we stick to some simple rules: The story MUST have a cat in it (obviously :p ) You can write a story within your usual genre - even if it's a sci-fi cat, or a paranormal cat, or a love story that has a cat in it You can write a poem if you prefer I won't be putting an official word count limit on this, because I don't know how many entries we'll have - I suspect it won't be huge amounts   - but obviously, novel length fiction is no good. Let's call it an absolute maximum of 10,000 words, but I will hav

Release Day Fun with Annalisa Crawford

Annalisa Crawford is here to celebrate the release of her new book, Our Beautiful Child! For no reason whatsoever, Annalisa thought it would be fun to answer some of the questions that Jackie magazine asked the stars of the day (the example she's found is from 1984 – and the victim was Johnny Marr from The Smiths). She will be answering one question on each of the random blogs taking part! Question: If you could be a character in any TV soap, who would you choose? Annalisa's answer: I haven’t watched soaps for years, so I’m going to have to say Charlene from Neighbours, because she’s the only character I can remember! And my answer: Hmm, right now I think I'd quite like to be just about any character in Hollyoaks, so I can hang out with talented and gorgeous guys such as Danny Mac, Greg Wood and Ayden Callaghan! Our Beautiful Child is available right now!   “The Boathouse collects misfits. Strange solitary creatures that yearn for contact with the outside

Cover Reveal: Overpowered by Cheyanne Young

OVERPOWERED will be released on August 1, 2014 (There are spoilers below if you haven't read book 1!) After rescuing her twin sister Nova from a life of evil, Maci fears she's made a huge mistake. As if she didn't have enough trouble fitting in with her fellow Supers, Nova outshines Maci in personality and power.  In the midst of this one-sided sibling rivalry, humans are dropping dead from a powerful drug that originates in the underground tunnels of King City. Someone is a traitor and Maci wants to capture the villain before anyone else—especially Nova. With Nova in the spotlight, Maci needs to set aside her jealousy before more humans die and the future of King City is changed forever. Add Overpowered to your Goodreads list. Buy Powered, book 1 on Amazon. Want a FREE signed Powered Trilogy bookmark? Fill out this form and Cheyanne will send you one.  ### Cheyanne is a native Texan with a fear of cold weather and a coffee addiction that

Who loves cats?

My next couple of posts are cover reveals and book launches, so I thought I should check in with you guys to let you know why I've been so quiet! As usual - work. I probably don't even need to explain that at this point! But also, I have been doing some charity work for Cats Protection, and I LOVE it. I love cats, and I love the charity, and I love the volunteers. It's just really, really nice to do something different. I know there are a ton of cat lovers here in the blogosphere but I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me put together a cat anthology to help raise money for my local branch. Nothing is settled, and I realise this is quite an unusual ask, but it's a fun way to raise money AND it's a way for you to reach an audience you might not have reached before - as I will add author bios and website/blog links so if people like what you do, they can look you up. I was thinking maybe cat poetry, short stories about cats, short stori