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It's Catch Up Time!

*takes a deep breath*  SO, before my little check-in post, I hadn't been here since 2017. That is a LOT of stuff to catch up on.  Like... a lot.  I guess I will try to summarise as much as possible because many things have happened in that time!  In terms of writing and publishing, I released the Game On Series, which is the sports romance series I was working on when I first began blogging. These have since been unpublished for a re-write. I also released a rock band romance duet, which was recently picked up by a small publisher and will be re-released over the next couple of months. After that, I began to dabble in books that covered more serious topics. Most of them still in the romance area, but much less fluffy than my earlier stuff.  Then the pandemic hit.  My inspiration was zapped. While many of my author friends were writing like crazy because they had more time, I was sitting at home wondering what was wrong with me. Over time, it occurred to me that I am someone who nee