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Winner of Leah's tacky souvenir giveaway, and some thanks!

Before I announce the winner, I just want to say thank you everyone for all of your advice over the last few days! I decided to publish through Smashwords, and figured that with the site getting so much praise, it can't be such a bad thing! Also, thanks for the kind words about my new Game On cover! I will be replying to new comments over the weekend - as mentioned - there is a lot going on at the moment! Now for the winner of Leah's tacky souvenir contest! a Rafflecopter giveaway Congrats to Kelley Lynn ! I will be in touch with you over the weekend about sending Leah's British souvenirs to you!

Game On - One Book, Two Covers!

ARGH! So, you know how I did the Game On cover reveal a while ago? Well, it was hugely popular with everyone, lots of good comments for the work my friend Bobbie did on the design, and I thought it was perfect. It IS perfect. But while getting ready for the blog tour, there was some confusion about who the story is actually aimed at. The young, cute looking characters led some to believe that Game On is YA, when in fact it fits better into the category of NA, contemporary romance, and/or chick lit. This is something I should have considered before, and to those of you who pointed it out, please don't feel bad. It's something I needed to know so I could create a cover that fits better. After much research, a couple of emails to Jolene Perry (thank you!), and my original designer, I decided that I am having two covers. For the Kindle and other ebook versions, I will use a new design. For the print book, I am keeping the old design. Having different covers isn't ideal,

The Color Of Snow by Brenda Stanley

The Color of Snow Summary Can a troubled young girl reenter society after living in isolation? When a beautiful 16-year-old girl named Sophie is found sequestered in a cage-like room in a rundown house in the desolate hills of Arbon Valley, Idaho, the entire community is shocked to learn she is the legendary Callidora--a baby girl who was kidnapped from her crib almost seventeen years ago and canonized in missing posters with portraits of what the fabled girl might resemble. Authorities soon learn that the cage was there to protect people from Sophie, because her biological father believes she is cursed. Sophie is discovered after the man she knows as Papa, shoots and injures Damien, a young man who is trying to rescue her. Now, unsocialized and thrust into the world,

Smashwords? Yay or Nay?

I've been wondering about whether or not to publish Game On on Smashwords. Yesterday, I was asked whether it would be available for Nook, and I think the only way to make that possible is to publish on Smashwords as they distribute all over the place. My big concern is that, while doing research about whether to publish through Smashwords, a lot of people mentioned there is a huge risk of piracy. I don't necessarily believe my book is worthy of being pirated millions of times resulting in a mass loss of earnings, however, I am not crazy about the idea of my work being stolen. It happens a lot with my articles - and they are only a couple of hours work. I don't want it to happen with something I spent months on. :S Does anyone out there have any experiences they can share with me? I am very confused LOL! EDIT: Crap, I was in so much of a hurry this morning, I forgot to talk about the most important news of the day! *slaps self* My wonderful blog buddy Cassie Mae bagg

It's getting closer!

W00t! not long now until the Game On Blog Tour officially begins! Before I talk about that (for probably the last time before it starts!) I want to say than you for all your comments on the last post, especially about my photo! I would have put it off for a bit longer, but Leigh Covington asked me for one to include with the interview she'll be posting in a week or two, so I thought I'd better get on it! :D Thanks also to those of you who have purchased Game On and left reviews! It is so amazing to see such postivity, I cannot express enough how much these reviews mean to me! For those of you who are interested, I've added a new "My Books" page to the blog, so you can see where to buy Game On, and some snippets of the reviews I've received. :D So, the blog tour begins August 6th, and I have started getting my blog posts out to the fab people who will be hosting me! If you haven't received an email from me yet and are expecting one, don't panic!

In which my characters take over my blog to share big news!

Leah: Hello everyone! Kyra's hiding today, so Freya and I are here to share some news with you! Freya: Yes, it's true, Kyra had her first set of author photos taken yesterday and she is already freaked out about seeing her face everywhere, so she's letting us take over while she gets used to it! Now she's had her photos taken, she is ready to show off her shiny new Goodreads Author page ! If you'd like to add Game On to your reading list, or leave a review if you've already read it, that would be fab! Although the blog tour for Game On doesn't start until August 6th, the book is OUT NOW! There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the buy links needed to be ready for the tour, secondly, we were bugging the hell out of Kyra to get this book out already, and finally, she was too excited to wait for much longer!  You can read our story by following these links: kindle version paperback  Amazon UK kindle version   Amazon UK

Hanger Time!

Welcome to the second part of the Hookers and Hangers blogfest, hosted by the gorgeous girls at Falling For Fiction ! Today, it's all about hangers, those last lines of a chapter that leave everyone wanting to read more! My hangers are - again - coming from the second book in the Game On series. I'm only posting three today because my other hangers need a bit of work! Let me know what you think! Hanger One: Girls were so not the reason I’d wanted a vacation but since meeting Isabelle, I’d changed my mind. Hanger Two:  That was certainly something I’d had a lot of practice in.        Hanger Three:  "I’m not that kind of girl, and you know it. But maybe, just this once, I could make an exception!" Follow the link at the top of the page to check out the rest of the entries!  P.S I am way behind on replying to blog comments this week, please forgive me! I have a lot going on in the real world at the moment, and with work and Game On stuff, every

WRiTE CLUB - Battle it out with DL Hammons

Good morning peeps! Today I come bearing news of a kickass contest, held by DL Hammons! Apparently, WRiTE CLUB was first held last year, but as I wasn't blogging then, yesterday was the first time I heard about it. WRiTE CLUB is kind of like the writers version of a knockout, in which writers are pitted against each other - anonymously so there is no need to be afraid - in numerous rounds with a final winner being chosen at the end by a team of incredible people including authors, editors and agents! All of the details can be found here , check it out, sign up, and get ready to do battle!

Hookers and Hangers - Has Anyone Seen A Hooker?

Just wanna say, this is the absolute best title for a blog hop EVER! The Hookers and Hangers bloghop is being hosted by the lovely ladies from Falling For Fiction ! It's all about gripping your readers with excellent opening lines, and leaving them begging for more with amazing cliffhangers. We begin with the hookers, and I am going to be using some of the openers from my latest WIP, the follow up to Game On. :D   Hooker One: Rain hammered against the window, jolting me awake. Hooker Two : “One more try, I’ll do it this time, I swear!” Hooker Three: Lunch at the Mills’ house was … a little weird to say the least.  Hooker Four: “What the hell is she doing here?” Hooker Five: Why are there lights on during the day? It is daytime, right? I always turn the lights off before I go to sleep, so why are they on? Wait. Where am I?  Hooker Six:  It had been three hours since I’d seen Leon, and I was still thinking about what he said.  ** Okay, that's