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Series Blitz - Misjudged by Sarah Elizabeth

Misjudged (Book one) Synopsis: It was one night. One night of pure intimacy with a guy she knew nothing about, that couldn’t have prepared her for the next chapter in her life. But will it be for the better, or for the worse? Eighteen year old, Alexis Harper, is a smart, attractive, and ambitious young woman with great friends, a doting father, and a scholarship at one of Washington State’s most prestigious Performing Arts Colleges. When the mysterious stranger makes his arrival in her life, she’s captivated by him. She’s intrigued by his past and more so by what the future could possibly hold for them. Meet Brandon Taylor. A damaged and confused twenty year old who is grieving for the life he once had. He didn’t think for one moment that he could ever find happiness, and he didn’t want to. He was happy living within the high walls he’d barricaded around himself. It felt safe. When Alexis’ and Brandon’s worlds collide, nobody could have prepared them

Cover Reveal: Love's Spark by L.A. Cotton

Book Title: Love's Spark Author: L.A. Cotton Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Release Date: December 2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions Twenty-four year old SharnMacer has spent the last six years looking for love....for that spark. She's failing miserably. After a life changing break up forces her back to her broken home, and into a string of dating disasters, Sharn decides it's time to hang up her heels and take a break from guys. She didn’t expect to find the spark… with the quiet guy from her past. Keefer Smith likes to keep to himself, always has and probably always will. He doesn't have time to date, not when he’s constantly worrying about what state he'll find his father in. Lucky for him, he does have one thing going for him; baseball. He didn’t expect to want more… with the girl he once watched from afar. Back in high school, Sharn would never have looked twice at someone like him, and Keefer would’ve never stood a chance with someone like

Nobody Knows OUT NOW!

Oh goodness me - the day has finally arrived LOL! Thank you in advance to everyone who has shared the launch day info, and who will be taking part in the blog tour! Title: Nobody Knows (Razes Hell Book 1) Author: Kyra Lennon Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Cover Design : Najila Qamber Design Photographer: Lindee Robinson Photography Synopsis: It's not easy being friends with rising rock stars - especially when you're the glue that holds them together. Razes Hell has taken off in the charts, and Ellie can't believe her childhood friends, Drew and Jason Brooks, are on TV and drawing crowds after years spent playing in dodgy bars. From obscurity to overnight success, Ellie soon realises life in the public eye isn’t all it’s cracked up to be as dark secrets become headline news and old conflicts are re-ignited. When a fake feud meant to boost the band’s popularity threatens to rip the boys apart for real, Ellie finds herself torn – a position which only gets more u