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Another quickie!

Hey guys! Sorry to post and run - I am still officially on a blog break until next week but I just wanted to post a small reminder that the Cat Anthology bloghop is NEXT FRIDAY! Looking forward to seeing all of your entries! Hugs to all!

Music To Write By - A Guest Post from M.J Fifield

I have the awesome M.J Fifield here with me today as part of her blog tour for Effigy! Take it away, M.J! Music To Write By, Part Two Earlier this week, I talked about the music I write by, and how I create story-specific playlists for each book. Today, I thought I would continue that theme, by taking a closer look at some of Effigy 's key tracks. Music catches my attention first, but the lyrics ultimately determine if the song earns a spot on a playlist. Here are three songs which did just that: — Do What You Have To Do by Sarah McLachlan . If you've happened to have read Effigy , this song pairs with a scene at the end. It might be an odd choice with which to start, but this was the very first song to make Effigy 's playlist, and the only song that has survived every revision of said playlist (as the story evolved, so did the music). I find this entire song to be so freakin' gorgeous, and every single line applies so perfectly to the scene, but the key

Just Another Manic Monday! (and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc!)

Hello my lovelies! Long time no blog! I hope you are all having an awesome summer - I have yet to find five minutes to enjoy it, but I'm hoping to do so over the next couple of weeks. This post is really just a flying visit so I can catch you up on what's been happening in my world! I made a very bold decision to release that rock band book that I've mentioned here but never really explained fully. The release is planned for early November. There is a very important post about that inside me about the story, but for now, here is the blurb, and if you would like to add it to Goodreads, you can do so here . Nobody Knows It's not easy being friends with rising rock stars - especially when you're the glue that holds them together. Razes Hell has taken off in the charts, and Ellie can't believe her childhood friends, Drew and Jason Brooks, are on TV and drawing crowds after years spent playing in dodgy bars. From obscurity to overnight success, Ellie soon