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2012 Reflections

Hmm, I honestly didn't think I'd post again before New Year, but I sat down to update my Facebook status like millions of others - to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and I realised I might actually have a lot to say! So, I'm going to start with a gigantic thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past year. I know I said this at Christmas, but it sort of needs repeating. No words can possibly convey how much it means to have so many people backing me, and to have made so many amazing friends. This is supposed to be a blog about writing, but when I think about all that's happened this year, there are many other things that stand out which made 2012 great. Moments with family, moments with friends, moments when I've been on my own and had sudden flashes of inspiration that hit me out of nowhere and made me view things differently. But far and away the biggest change in my life happened when I was with Annalisa Crawford. Just after it happened, I wrote

Review of Blissful Lies by Jennifer Brown-Thomas

Blissful Lies Book Summary : Things are often not what they seem in the decadent lifestyles of the rich and famous. Life can be messy and at times people do what feels wrong, because in the end it may turn out to be the best decision ever made. A close bond between 5 lifelong friends, now of college age, find the limits of their relationships are tested when multiple secrets and lies begin to surface, which ultimately leave them wondering if it is all too much to move forward as the family they once were. Forbidden love, drug dealing, date rape, betrayal, cheating, and more begin to unravel the strong ties between friends. Can they overcome secrets which warrant a very difficult life altering response? My review I absolutely loved the synopsis - it sounded gritty and exciting, and I am one of those people who loves teen/college age books so I thought Blissful Lies wou

Christmas Break + Game On Christmas Finale

 Okay guys - seeing as everyone is signing off for the holidays, I'm going to join in with the festive greetings and let you know that I am going to also be taking a Christmas break!  I get abnormally soppy at this time of year, so bear with me! :p  I haven't yet been blogging for a full year, and yet somehow, I have managed to make friends with some of the coolest, most talented people in the world. Whether it's the unwavering support from Ninja Captain Alex, or Cassie Mae and Annalisa Crawford making me laugh, or Morgan Shamy's sweet, encouraging comments, or Clare Dugmore's constant belief that I can do anything I set my mind to - every single person who has stopped by here and left a kind word has made 2012 amazing..  I wasn't sure where my writing journey would go when I started - and I certainly didn't expect to publish 3 books this year! If you are one of the awesome people who has bought any of them, or even just been there to help s

Christine Rains - 1301 The Marquis

Today I'm here with the awesome Christine Rains as part of her blog tour for 1301 The Marquis! Anyone who has read Christine's previous works will know what a talented lady she is, so be excited, because this series is going to be amazing! Christine's guest post: 1301 – MARC AND MAE Life after Hell isn't exactly what Marc thought it would be. He's fixing busted pipes in an apartment building and making a nice groove in his recliner with the amount of television he watches. There's a few gray hairs on his head and his pants are a little snug around the waist. That could be from how much time he spends in a certain little coffee shop. Great coffee, delicious pie, and the most beautiful dame on the planet. Mae Hopkins has a few gray hairs herself, but Marc can still make her blush when he compliments her. She's a woman who has been around and seen a lot, and she wants to make a cozy safe haven for other women in a city that's crum

Game On Christmas Part 4

  Good morning! This is the second to last post in the Game On Christmas Story! As always, it comes with a spoiler warning! Game On Christmas Part 1 Game On Christmas Part 2 Game On Christmas Part 3 ** Leah  “Mind if I sit here?” My voice was actually shaking, as were my hands. Anyone would think I was approaching royalty, not my former boss. Richard Bailey pulled out the chair beside him. “Not at all.” My biggest regret when I left Los Angeles was not saying a proper goodbye to Richard. Okay, he couldn’t stand the sight of me at the time, not after I let him down so badly, but he used to be the only person I could truly rely on. My first contact in Westberg, my first friend. I hadn’t spoken to him since I moved back to England. Even when the team visited London, I somehow managed to sidestep a conversation with him, mostly because I was still too ashamed. As I sat down, I let out a deep breath. I was supposed to start talking, but had absolutely no