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Blog Tour Stop: Nick Wilford

Hey guys! I'm here today with a post from Nick Wilford's blog tour for his new book, A Change of Mind! Take it away, Nick!  **** Thanks for helping me out on my tour today, Kyra! The following is a recording of a phone call between Minerva, an employee at Harbinger Industries and character in my novella A Change of Mind, and her best friend Zoe from her home town of Oxford. Minerva moved to London to seek her fortune, but the two keep in touch regularly. The conversation turns to work. Zoe: So, how’s everything going? Minerva: At Harbinger? Not bad. It’s been about a month now, and I think I’ve got the place figured out. At least, the girls on my floor are alright. Zoe: Any big nights out? Minerva: No, not so much. They’re a bit older, you know? But a great bunch of ladies. The younger crowd are on the floor upstairs, and I talk to them if I have to go up and see the boss. And they’re mostly guys. Zoe: Let’s hear more about them. Any catch your ey