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Where Does Time Go??

 I came back to blogging with the intention of writing at least one post a week. So far... that hasn't panned out and it's the 19th of Feb already. It feels like I just took my Christmas tree down a week ago - that's how fast the time is flying!  However, in my defence, I have been super busy with my writers' community ! We re-opened our doors at the end of January, and it's been non-stop ever since. I've been a little swept up in how amazing the members are doing since joining. Some were with us at the very beginning last year, and some are brand new. In that whole time, we've had authors jumping out of their comfort zone to join our live sprinting sessions and proving how many words they can get down if they stay focused. We've had people thriving after things they've learned in our masterclasses. Particularly popular was our Newsletter Success class which seemed to get everyone excited about newsletters again! But the thing I love the most is that

IWSG- Finding My Way Back

  I haven't done an IWSG post in years, but it's nice to be back!  And I guess that is what my post will be about today.  Over the last few years, and probably since I stopped blogging, I lost my way a bit. I've met a LOT of authors on Facebook and have made some amazing friends, but there is nothing quite like the support of the blogging community.  But now I have to find my way back in. Do people remember me? Do people want to know what I've been doing? It's quite scary coming back after being away. Thankfully, those who have found me have been so welcoming!  But it's not just about finding my way back with blogging. I am still trying to find my feet in terms of writing again. Two years of hardly any words coming out has messed with my head.  Can I still write as well as before? If not, will it come back over time? And again, will the people who used to read my books still want to hear from me?  I look at the books I've released and wonder where those inc