Friday, 4 April 2014

D is for Destination L.A

My A-Z Theme is based on my books, the Game On series. You won’t need to have read them to follow this story, since it’s slightly removed from the full plot, like a side story. What it will do is give you a glimpse into my characters, and a chance to get to know them a little bit, PLUS, during the story, you will get a mini tour of parts of the UK! The posts will come from two of my main characters, Leah Walker and Radleigh McCoy.  If this is your first time here, please start at the letter A. :D

 D - Destination L.A 

Leaving Leah behind when I knew I’d only be gone a few days was a lot easier than the last time we said goodbye. But I had to go back to L.A. to pack some more clothes. I couldn’t stay in the UK for six weeks with what I had with me. A couple pairs of jeans, four shirts, and a few boxer shorts wouldn’t cut it. Plus, I needed to go tell my parents I was leaving for a while. 

I’ve always been close to my folks, especially my dad. I hadn’t really told them about Leah, though. They were aware of her, since I’d mentioned her to them occasionally – before I fell in love with her. I’m sure they noticed my change in mood after she left, but my parents were pretty cool at letting me know they were there for me without pushing. I’m not much of a talker. Not when it comes to feelings.

So, as I sat down in my parents’ L.A. home, with them watching me closely, I said. “I’m going back to England for six weeks.”

What? Just because I was a little softer, there was no changing the real me. Straight to the point.
Mom and Dad glanced at each other then back at me before busting out laughing.

“Why is that funny?” I asked.

Mom turned to Dad and held out her hand. “You owe me twenty bucks.”

Dad rolled his eyes, still smiling. “You got me. I didn’t think he’d do it.”

What the hell? My parents made a bet about me? About me and Leah?

What. The. Hell?

“Honey,” Mom said, looking over at me. “We’re your parents. We know you.”

“Seems like Dad doesn’t. I just cost him twenty dollars.”

Dad chuckled, but then his face turned a little more serious. “Son, I knew you had feelings for that British girl. I didn’t know if you had it in you to tell her.”

That was fair. The last few years, I hadn’t been involved with a girl unless it was a one-night thing. Never felt the need to be involved with anyone. 

I should have known my parents would be a step ahead of me. 

I didn’t do feelings. I hadn’t for a long time. I sure as hell didn’t talk about stuff I felt, not to anyone. Maybe I’d tell Bryce some stuff after a few beers, but mostly I kept that crap to myself. 

Like I said before, Leah was different. She didn’t trail around after me like some lovesick schoolgirl, and she didn’t just roll over and do whatever I wanted just to make me happy. She challenged me. A little too much sometimes, but she got my attention. More than anything, she was interested in me. Radleigh McCoy, the man, not just Radleigh McCoy the soccer player. 

I’d have been crazy to let her go for a second time, right? 


P.S Radleigh and Leah will be back together tomorrow, and you'll get a first glimpse of Cornwall! ;) 

Today's Game On teaser:


  1. It's a great idea to do teaser's from your novel. I look forward to reading the rest. :-)

  2. That's funny. I like how parents are smarter than the kids. I'm sure most teenagers don't believe it, but after we become adults we usually get that. :)

  3. *big grin* Why do kids think they can surprise their parents when it comes to stuff like this?

    And I still love all your teasers!

  4. Aw. So cute, and sweet. I love it when the romance is all about the character's evolution. =)

    1. Thanks! That is definitely a big part of Game On! :D

  5. Aw, he comes across quite sweet here. Hopefully he's settling down!

    1. Lol, a little, but underneath, he'll always be hugely egocentric!

  6. Yes, he would be crazy and parents know a lot.

  7. Boom! That teaser is both sexy and a tough burn. If he messed up a second time he definitely would deserve the boot. Leah's worthy and he better recognize.

    1. Thank you! Loving the sass in this comment! <3

  8. I love that his parents bet on him, hilarious!