Tuesday, 22 April 2014

S is for Series

In another short break from my Leah/Radleigh mini story, I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of the books in the Game On series so far, because it occurred to me that lots of you are new here, and you might be confused as to how it all goes lol!

So, for absolute newcomers, there is A Beginner's Introduction to the Game On Series:

Details: A Beginner's Introduction to the Game On Series is a glimpse inside the characters in Kyra Lennon's popular novels based around the Westberg Warriors soccer team.

Kyra says, "These posts were written for the 2012 A-Z blog challenge. The small snippets into the lives of the Game On characters don't tell a a traditional story. They are merely a little glance into their lives and personalities to introduce the world to the “cast” of the series. Like a “getting to know you” exercise. These posts proved so popular throughout the challenge, I decided to release them as an ebook, so more people can get a taster of what's to come in the Game On series."

Next is the first real book in the series, Game On

Details: After swapping her small town life to work for one of the top soccer teams in the U.S, Leah Walker thought she could finally leave the ghosts of her past behind. However, when she meets serial womanizer, Radleigh McCoy, the memories of her old life come swarming back, and she is forced to ask herself whether she has really changed at all.

Then Book 2, Blindsided

Details: After a successful first soccer season in L.A, Jesse Shaw heads to London with his best buddy, Hunter, but his world is turned upside down when a dangerous prank threatens his career and his blossoming relationship with Hunter’s cousin, Isabelle.

Isabelle Mills lives in Notting Hill with her parents and her twin sister, Georgia. When she finds out her cousin is coming to stay, along with his famous soccer player friend, her first instinct is to hibernate until they’ve gone. However, once she meets Jesse, everything changes. He’s everything she ever wanted, but with so many obstacles in their path, can she really risk putting her heart on the line? 

Details: “A Very Game On Christmas” follows on directly from “Blindsided,” and is a short, bonus story which takes place at Bree Collinson’s 21st birthday party, three days before Christmas. Similar to “A Beginner’s Introduction to Game On,” the story is told from different characters’ points of view.

Find out how the Westberg Warriors handle Radleigh and Leah’s return to Los Angeles, how Freya and Will are adjusting to their new relationship, and take a sneaky glimpse into the lives of the other characters introduced in “Game On.”

Please note: It is not a full length novel, merely a way to gently ease readers toward Game On 3. It is not essential to read this book to understand the next, it’s just a bit of light-hearted Christmas fun! 

And finally, the newest book, Sidelined

Details: At the age of twenty-one, Bree Collinson has more than she ever dreamed of. A handsome husband, a fancy house, and more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos combined. But having everything handed to her isn’t the way Bree wants to live the rest of her life. When an idea to better herself pops into her head, she doesn’t expect her husband to question her, and keep her tied by her apron strings to the kitchen.

Isolated and unsure who to turn to, Bree finds herself falling back into a dangerous friendship, and developing feelings for the only person who really listens to her. Torn between her loyalty to her husband and her attraction to a man who has the perfect family she always wanted, she has some tough choices to make.

While Bree tries to figure out what she wants, a tragedy rocks the Westberg Warriors, triggering some dark memories, and pushing her to take a look at what’s really important. 


SO, there you have it! The three main books are the important ones, obviously, but the small, in-between books just give a little bit of an extra Game On fix for those who want it lol. There are two more books left in the series, and I can't wait to start writing them!


  1. This is the perfect way to introduce new readers to this series! Great post!

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  8. Five books - that's awesome. And you could continue writing in this series for years.

  9. The entire series sounds fabulous. Most my reading is pretty calculated right now, with several promised reviews, but I'm thinking I'll stack one of these in my TBR pile for when I FINALLY get back to free reading. (I do sneak in lovelies between commitments.)

    True Heroes from A to Z

  10. I love your series! :) I can't wait to read so much more from you in the future.

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