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Thankful Bloghop!

Good morning! Today I'm here as part of the "I'm Thankful for ..." bloghop, hosted by Tara Tyler and VikLit! With Thanksgiving approaching, now is a good time to show appreciation for everyone who has supported us!

I could probably go on all day about the people I am most thankful for. You see, pinning it down to individuals is difficult because every one of you who has been here reading my blog have supported me in one way or another since my first post back in January. However, I do have a few extra special thank yous to give out - so ... here we go!

Clare Dugmore - I probably don't say thank you enough for everything you have to put up with from me LOL! You are always there, offering an extra pair of hands when I begin to drown in too many tasks, and you don't hesitate to offer me a place to vent when my thoughts tangle up inside my head. I would also laugh a whole lot less without you in my life. Whether we're talking about writing, wrestling or any other random topic that comes up - it's always fun, and brightens my day.

Cassie Mae, Angie Cothran, Jolene Perry, Morgan Shamy, Leigh Covington, Emily R. King, Jenny Morris, Elizabeth Seckman Kelley Lynn and Hope Roberson thank you for becoming some of my first blog followers, biggest supporters and my go to peeps when I need advice, a kick up the backside, a CP, a hug or just to be entertained by your blogs!

People I met later: Annalisa Crawford, Suzanne Furness, Nick Wilford, Abby and Amy Cavenaugh, Alex J. Cavanaugh and Christine Rains - You guys ROCK! I am so happy I found all of you because each of you have given me SO much, whether it's promotion, critiques or just a damn good giggle!

To every one of the amazing people who have bought my books - wow. It never fails to astonish me that I've sold even one copy of anything that wasn't to a family member lol. So, for everyone who loved Game On and If I Let You Go - and even those who didn't - thank you for buying and taking a chance on me.

Ooh, I feel all emotional now lol!

Quick updates for you:
NaNo is still going well - I'm staying on track which is BRILLIANT. I am so pleased with myself lol!

 I keep mentioning a Game On Christmas treat for you - I will reveal the details of that this week.

Aaand, I will have a few more details about the Blindsided Blog Tour, including a special Christmas themed bloghop that will run throughout the tour!

That's all for now - I'm off to up my daily NaNo word count! :D


  1. You're great Kyra and I'm glad you have all this support.

  2. Nicely said and it's been nice bantering with you across the pond these last few months :)

    Continued success with Nanowatsit and your writing post-November 30 :)

  3. This is a lovely bloghop to read - even though I'm too bogged down with NaNo to take part. Thanks for the mention - and thanks for all you do for me in return!!

  4. Thank you - and very happy I found you! I guess I'm here to amuse you, right?
    Glad you're on track with NaNo - keep writing.

  5. What a great bunch of friends! I'm honoured to be counted among their company. I've got to say thanks for all the help you've given me as well!

    Also, I'm very impressed that you're doing the bloghops and keeping up with NaNo. It's all I can do to manage one!

  6. You are a busy girl! Lots of plans in action. Good to hear you're meeting NaNo goals. It's so much fun to watch everyone.

    It'll be interesting to see if you stay with your current novel, or if you do switch over to the novella. I saw you're going to stick with it for the time being. We'll see if those voices start yelling too hard thought! :)

    Writers are lucky. We're the only one who appreciate the voices in our heads.

  7. I feel unworthy, but I'll take it!! Thanks right back at you. It's funny because when I talk about you guys, I used to say, "A blogger said", then I went on to, "a bloggy friend", now when I share stories or info, I just say, "my friend said"'s just so much simpler, because unless you're here, how do you explain the relationship of a bunch of people who have never met, but share their hearts with each other on a daily basis?

  8. hard to believe youve only been blogging since jan!
    so glad you are! sweet words of thanks =)

    looking forward to your game on surprise!

  9. I think thankful people are the happiest. =) I don't stop by often (because this thing called real life is, ahem, terribly demanding), but I enjoy it every time I'm here. Way to put up an adorable and fun blog!

  10. Awww what a lovely post, Kyra and 'thank you' so much for the mention. I would ecoho Elizabeth's comments above that unless you are a part of this community it is hard to explain just how much we mean to each other.
    I do think of the bloggers I connect with regularly as friends.

  11. Lovely blog post and glad to hear NaNo is going well.

  12. Aww! Such a sweet blog post!

    And you're doing awesome with NaNo. Keep writing!

  13. DUDE! What a day to finally find time to visit the blogsphere! You totally made my day! *squee!* I am thankful for you and your amazing, positive attitude as well as your fun, to-die-for stories and characters! :) You rock girl!

  14. Such great company to be mentioned with! I feel all sorts of gooey inside ;)

    Love you, Kyra! And yay for NaNo! Keep it up :)

  15. What a lovely post, I can't believe you have only been blogging since Jan! Thank you so for joining in the blog hop ;)

  16. What a fun meme - so positive and sweet! Good luck with NaNoWriMo!

  17. Love the shouts of thanks! And it sounds like you've got lots of other exciting news coming up, too. Woohoo on NaNo!


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