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Is it that time already?

Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was just your average Thursday over here in the UK, but I got a lot more work done because there were less people to distract me online lol! :p 

I'm sure just a couple of days ago, it was November 1st and I was beginning my first real attempt at NaNo. Now it's November 23rd and the Blindsided blog tour starts Monday. MONDAY!!

Thank you to everyone who will be hosting me over the next couple of weeks! I am really, really looking forward to getting some festive blog posts out there. You should be warned - this tour is packed with Christmas silliness with the intention of getting everyone in the mood for the season. I did serious stuff last time, and I thought everyone could use something a bit more lighthearted at this time of year!

This brings me back to the pimping of my Blindsided Christmas photo contest. I knew there was a chance it might be ab epic fail - and as I have only 6 participants, and one of them is me, I might be fighting a losing battle. However, I'm gonna give promo another try!

Yes, that's right, peeps- I want to see your Christmas dress-up photos! Whether you're dressed up as Rudolph, or simply wearing a piece of tinsel as a scarf, I want to see YOU wearing something festive! The photo has to be either brand new, or from sometime over the last few years - childhood photos will not count! You can put in as much or as little effort as you wish - the only requirement is you have a bit of fun with it.

Here's what you have to do to join in:

Follow my blog, I'll follow back ;)
Sign up using the Linky List below
Between November 26th and December 7th - post your festive photo along with a link back to this page on your blog.
Hop around to see the other particpants!

I would also be extremely grateful if you'd share the banner in your sidebars, but it's not an official requirement ;)

Most Creative - $20 Amazon Gift Card
Silliest - $15 Amazon Gift Card
Simple but Stylish - $10 Amazon Gift Card

There will also be two entrants drawn at random, who will both receive a paperback copy of Blindsided!

I'll be using an independent judge - again, my mum (lol) - so there won't be any favouritism!

No doubt I will have forgotten something,so if you have questions, please let me know! The linky list will stay open until the last day of the hop, so you can sign up at any point - and I will probably give some reminders over the next couple of weeks!


  1. Saving my photo moment for something else unfortunately!
    And set for your tour next week.

  2. Looking forward to your tour!

  3. I do have a photo from about 5 years ago, but I am guessing you'd prefer one newer? Also, the one from 5 years ago has already been shown off on my blog before. :) I'm sure I can get a new one... I will see :) But I signed up anyway! :D

  4. Sounds great but unfortunately I'm afraid of the camera (or is it afraid of me?). Will have fun looking at everyone else's instead.

  5. I was sure I had already signed up for this but as my name isn't on your list I will enter deets again! Have been displaying on my sidebar anyway! Now I'll just have to find a photo - yikes!!

  6. I really like that picture; the couple looks happy and cozy. I'd post pictures of myself online, but I'm the opposite of photogenic. I don't like most of the pictures of myself because I look like the "before" picture that people take before they get makeovers.

  7. KYRA- please don't hate me!! My computer crashed and I lost all my e-mails and downloads, (including the one that had all of the info for my hosting your blog hop.) Argh! I am so sorry. I hope you have it saved and can resend it to me. I apologize profusely!! Still not sure what happened- I'm just lucky my brother was here for Thanksgiving and was able to recover most of the stuff on my hard drive. Please e-mail me again when you get the chance. I wasn't scheduled until the 30th, so we have until next week. Again, I'm so sorry. :(

    1. OK- Sorry again. Ignore my prior comment. I think my brainiac brother actually just recovered it. -LOL

  8. Sounds like fun, Kyra! But I'm very uncomfortable posting my picture online :( Will check out the participants, though! :)

  9. Best of luck with your contest and book tour Kyra.

  10. This sounds like a really fun contest. I'm all signed up and I put your banner in my sidebar. :) Hope you have a great book tour!!


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