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The Next Big Thing!

Good morning, peeps!

How is everyone enjoying GUTGAA so far? I had heaps of fun yesterday and met some amazing bloggers - welcome to those who have followed me! I am still not done visiting everyone, and it's going to take me a while to reply to all the comments here, but I am getting through it bit by bit. :D

Today I was tagged by Cassie Mae in the Next Big Thing meme! It is an honour indeed, especially when it was someone as awesome as Cassie handing out the prize!

What is the working title of your book?

Haha, well, I have a lot going on at the moment, but I'm going to talk about the second book in the Game On Series, because I haven't said too much about it yet! The working title is very imaginative - it's currently "Jesse." :p

Where did the idea come from?

Mainly it came from the readers of Game On falling in love with Jesse Shaw LOL! I wanted to write something a little less intense than the first book, with a higher level of soppy, teenage romance! I think I failed at the first half and succeeded at the second!

What genre does your book fall under?

NA Contemporary Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie?

I literally have every person cast, but I will just share the two main ones with you! And because we aren't supposed to post photos, I will have to link to Chad Michael Murray as Jesse Shaw, and Jessica Amlee as Isabelle Mills. 

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

After a successful first season in L.A, Jesse Shaw heads to London with his best buddy, but his world is turned upside down when a dangerous prank threatens his career and his blossoming relationshio with Brit chick Isabelle Mills. 

(Or something like that LOL! Writing a one sentence synopsis is hard!)

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Self published :)

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Around six or seven weeks.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?

As above, fans of Jesse from Game On! :D

What else about your book would pique the reader's interest?

Erm ... I think that it's a dual POV, and one of the POVs comes from a whole new character, who will feature in later books in the series. Also, there are some quirky side characters, and an appearance from Radleigh McCoy!

And I will tag:

Clare Dugmore
Laura (Stranger Than Writing)

That's all for today! :D


  1. You know I love Jesse (and his story) with all my heart. I'm so excited/ honored to be one of the first people reading this. I think you've got something really magical here! :D

  2. Sounds like a great story! I love that you picture Chad Michael Murray as Jesse. That makes me want to read the book even more! ;)

  3. Ooo, this sounds so good! Thanks so much for sharing my dear!

  4. Damn it, I can't wait to get some money in my paypal account so I can buy a copy. But I'm in love with the sample I read on my kindle. Can't wait to read about Jesse in your next masterpiece. NA rocks!

  5. I love dual POV book. And Jesse was a great character. I'm glad to know he's getting a book of his own.

  6. My titles are just as creative right now! I have one that involves faeries and it's guessed it, "Faeries". Hopefully soon I can make it a little more dazzling.

  7. Six or seven weeks? I am so slow...
    Always listen to the fans!

  8. Hey,

    Wow, you are *FAST* :)

    Good luck with number two, sounds like you are having fun, which means the fans will, too :)

  9. I am so envious of your six/seven weeks to write the first draft. It's taken me that long to write the first paragraph of my WIP.

  10. Sounds like you're on a roll, Kyra well done.

  11. Sounds great, Kyra! GAME ON is still on my to-read list. Man, I need to get to reading, so I can get to it sooner rather than later. :)

  12. Fun, fun, fun, Kyra! I love reading Q & A's about you! ;)

  13. Love your answers. Your one sentence synopsis is great, nice work.

  14. Love your answers here, Kyra, and I still have to read GAME ON!

  15. Sounds awesome, I will definitely be excited to read this :)
    Thanks for tagging me, you're so sweet. Will try and play along soon!
    Loving the sites new look to!

  16. I love that it's about Jesse, how awesome!

    Thank you for tagging me, will try and play soon yay! :)


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