Thursday, 8 November 2012

Game On Sale - Now On - and other Game On News

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the support for yesterday's IWSG post yesterday! I will be replying to comments later, when I've finished work for the day. :D

Just wanted to let you know that - as the release of Blindsided is speeding towards us (next week, guys, next week!!) - I am putting Game On on a special offer for a few days. You can find it on Amazon UK for 94p and Amazon US for $1.51! So, if you haven't got it yet, you can grab it while it's cheap! :D

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed a new banner in my sidebar! During the Blindsided Blog Tour, I'll be running a fun, Christmas themed hop and I'll be giving away prizes galore! For details, click here. I understand this might be an epic failure, but with it being such a fun time of year, I'm hoping for some willing participants!

If I have emailed you with details of your blog tour post date and you haven't replied yet, please could you do so as soon as possible just to confirm we're all good to go? Thank you! :D

And finally - I am FINALLY revealing the Game On Christmas thing I keep mentioning but never explain lol!

Through December, I will be posting a series of scenes from a short Game On story I wrote especially for Christmas. Those of you who have read Game On may remember that Bree Collinson mentioned she'd be having a 21st birthday party in December - and that is what the story is all about. You'll get to see posts from all your favourite characters, and some subtle hints weaved in throughout about what you can expect to see in future books in the series!

Okay, I need to rush away again now as I still have loads of work to do!! But - sign up for the Christmas hop, and let me know what you think about the Game On Christmas idea! ;)

Have a great day!


  1. Busy busy! I haven't signed up for the Christmas Dress-up yet, because I'm not sure I've ever dressed up for Christmas ... bah humbug :-) I'll have a look and come back.

  2. Wow. Next week. I bet that came up fast.

    And I had finally committed to reading Game On. (Just in time I guess.) I'm reading an book that's checked out from the library and after that I was gonna do Game On. (I have a problem with checking too many library books out, and then have to finish them before due date time. Which means my kindle books get pushed to the side, cause they're always there waiting.)

    Yes, it's taken me a while, but I am excited to read it.

  3. Yay! Can't wait to read Game On--I'm in the mood for a good contemporary romance, and I've heard so many wonderful things about this one. Off to Amazon!

  4. Your Christmas promo sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see the shorts.

  5. A Christmas dress up hop - this sounds like loads of fun!

  6. what a great way to promote your book! Sounds like a lot of fuN!

  7. Fantastic! I'm excited about it! :) Love the idea of some Christmas fun.

  8. I've backed away from blogfests recently - just too much going on in my life at the moment. If I find some time, I'll sign up!

  9. Sounds like an exciting time Kyra. Best of luck with your books and blogfest.

  10. You're doing so much, Kyra. How exciting!

  11. Sounds like you have a lot keeping you busy!