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Announcing the Bloghop of Joy (Yup, it is exactly as cheesy as it sounds!)

I promised you a bloghop - aaand here it is!

That's right, I am teaming up with the super awesome Clare Dugmore to create The Bloghop of Joy! Here are the details!

The idea for this hop came about while watching a Russell Howard DVD. Towards the end, he tells the audience about his "List of Joy." These are the small, sometimes slightly unusual things that always cheer him up - so now we want to know, what is on your list of joy? 

In these cold, winter months, everything can seem kind of ... bleak. However, every now and again, something small will happen that makes us smile again. It could be a random memory, something you see on TV, overhearing something that makes you laugh out loud  - just that one thing that makes the clouds part, and the sunshine appear again. We're not talking life-changing moments, just the little things that inexplicably make us smile.

All you have to do to be a part of this happy hop is sign up on the Linky List, and on March 1st, post your list of joy - with a minimum of five things that put a spring back in your step!

Because both Clare and myself have given away a bunch of things recently, there won't be any prizes for participation - but we think hearing what makes everyone else happy is a pretty decent prize!

If you want some examples of the "little things" and to see the inspiration for the hop, here's the video. (If you're not keen on swearing, skip to 1 minute 41, and that's where the list starts.) We hope you'll join us to spread some happiness across the blogosphere! Also, if you wouldn't mind sharing the bloghop banner in your sidebars, that would be awesome! We've even generated the HTML and put it in a handy-dandy box to help you out. Just copy and paste this into your side bar:


  1. I love cheesey! We could all use more joy. Can't wait to see all those smiling faces :)

  2. Well, I'm currently suffering through summer, but this season always gives me plenty to whine about. So I am happy to participate in this blogfest and daydream about colder climes. ;)

  3. Sounds like a great blogfest to me, I'm in :)

  4. All signed up! I could not love this idea more!

  5. That's such a warm and fuzzy idea! I'm signed up. :)

  6. God, that guy is fantastic. Never heard of him before, but I'll definitely check his materials. His fun!

    and what a great idea, this Bloghop of Joy!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Sounds like a great blog hop! Looking forward to reading all the 'Joy' posts!


  9. I think I'll be able to participate, though I didn't put my link or e-mail in the spaces above; I hope that's okay. The reason I didn't put my info up is because I've been having a problem with leaving my e-mail address on blogs lately; the link that should go to my blog instead links people to my e-mail account, which means that everyone can access my e-mail. Fortunately the bloggers I contacted removed the links, but just in case I've been careful not to put my e-mail address down anymore; I'm not sure why it keeps happening to me.

    1. No problem, just leave a comment over here on bloghop day and I'll come over to check out your post!

  10. This sounds great, and fits nicely with my small celebrations i'd be doing on Friday! So I am IN

  11. Great idea for a Hop! I'm a fan of cheesy. :D Thanks for hosting! :)

  12. Just stumbled across this today. Sounds like a great idea! Hope it's not too late to enter


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