Monday, 10 December 2012

The Mating Game Bloghop

Good morning, guys!

Today, it's time for The Mating Game! A hop to celebrate the release of Jaycee DeLorenzo's awesome book, The Truths About Dating and Mating! Here's the rules:

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On December 3, 2012 go to each of the judge's blogs to gather the question for your couple to answer (There will be a total of five questions).
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On December 10, 2012 post your couples five answers and "hop" around the other participants blogs to comment on their couples!
Optional: Participate in the reader voting round on December 14th to vote for the finalist couple that you feel stood out the most :)
Optional: You have the option to post your couples pictures if you want to. But please do at your own discretion :)

I am going to use the characters from my NaNo novel, which is still untitled. The characters are Tia and Adam, and this is what they has to say!

Tells us about a memorable experience you shared together.
Tia: We haven't know each other for very long, but we've already shared some amazing things together. I loved it when Adam sang Brown Eyed Girl to me during one of his jam sessions. That was so sweet.
Adam: Oh, that's right. Tell everyone about the least cool thing I ever did! 
Tia: Do you really mind?
Adam: *smiles* No. I'm man enough to admit to being cheesy sometimes. My favourite memory is the first time you stayed over at my flat. I don't think we need to go into any more detail.
Tia: * blushes* 
  What is one of the roadblocks standing in the way of you getting together?
 Tia: Me. I have a lot of things I need to work through. I don't know why Adam has stayed around for so long. Even after I messed him around so much, he's still trying. I just don't know if I can be everything he wants me to be.
Adam: I only want you to be yourself.  But ... maybe a little less afraid of me.
How did you both feel when you first met the other?
Tia: *blushes again* I was awful to Adam. I mean, I thought he was gorgeous, but right away I assumed he was a player so I was quite rude to him. But I couldn't stop thinking about him. 
Adam: You were kinda bitchy, weren't you?
Tia: Sorry about that. *blushes more*
Adam: *laughs* You know I forgive you. The first time I saw Tia, I only saw the back of her. She was teaching her first Zumba class and I couldn't stop staring at the way her hips moved. When I finally got to see her face, I saw how beautiful she really is. Right away, I wanted to get to know her. Even if she did bite my head off the first time we talked! 
What was the first thing your main characters noticed about each other?
Adam: Oh, I already answered this! But yeah, it was her hips. 
Tia: Oh God. The first thing I noticed about Adam was his hair. It's long, and it was tied back for work. I kept wondering what it would look like it was loose, and also, he has a really amazing smile. 
What would your character do if the one they wanted was terrified of their feelings and pushed them away?
Tia: *looks uncomfortable*
Adam: That happened. Tia got scared because we were getting too close, and I didn't know what to do other than let her go because I was too afraid to push her, and too angry to call her. I made a horrible mistake. One I wish I could take back but I can't. I have to find a way to make her forgive me.
I just want to make a small note about Alex-Fest - the bloghop to celebrate the awesome Alex J. Cavanaugh! Everyone seems to be doing their posts today but as it says it's a three day hop, I'm hoping I'm good to do mine tomorrow! 
Also, I may be actually posting my Game On Christmas story here on the blog because nobody is actually seeing it on the tab I created lol! But I will put massive spoiler warnings all around it! :P  


  1. Hey Kyra! Just popped over from the "Mating and Dating" hop and wanted to say 'hi'.

    Really enjoyed your entry! These two sound made for each other ... maybe Tia just doesn't 'get it' yet. :-) Fave answer - "Adam: You were kinda bitchy, weren't you?" lol

    1. Thanks E.J!

      Yeah, they do make a good couple, but there is a lot in Tia's past they have to deal with first. :(

  2. Posting my Alex post tomorrow too. This was sweet. I like how both can get all blushy and uncomfortable yet get along. This is a very good couple. Glad you liked my entry as well.

  3. They sound like a fun couple! I like their feistiness with each other but also that they're not afraid to be sweet :)

    1. Yeah, they are really cute together lol!

  4. What great questions, and the characters really jump off the page with their answers!

    And yes, I completely missed looking at the Christmas story tab at the top of the page, even though I knew it was there, sorry!

    1. Thanks!

      Lol, don't worry, I think lots of people missed or forgot about it!

  5. What a fun idea! Really great, Kyra. :D

  6. Another great idea for a fun time here in the BlogOSphere! Keep up the good work, Kyra,

  7. Tia and Adam seem like a fun couple. Can't wait to read more about them.

    Don't worry I'll be back to read your Alex post!

  8. What a great couple. Will catch you tomorrow for your Alex post.

  9. Replies
    1. Lol, everyone seemed to like that line!

  10. They seem like such realistic characters. I hope a happy ever after is in the works for them.

  11. Wonderful characters.

    "... Kinda bitchy ..." at least he's seen her at her crankiest. ^_^

  12. Congrats to Jaycee! What a fun idea for a hop.

  13. Yay, I loved this couple! Their answers were very illuminating! Thanks for participating!

  14. What a fun way to get to know your characters!

  15. Aww, what a cute couple! Love that idea for a bloghop!

  16. Cute banter and your blog layout is adorable :)