Friday, 7 December 2012

Blindsided Blog Tour - A Look at Future Books in the Game On Series, and an Excerpt from Cherie Reich!

How is the Blindsided Blog Tour over already? I am sure it only just started yesterday or something! Now is the time for me to extend a gigantic thank you to everyone who participated, commented, followed my blog, bought the book or added it to their TBR pile. Bloggers are amazing, and I truly appreciate your support!

I've saved a rather special post for the last day. My partner in crime, Annalisa Crawford, is sharing a guest post from me all about the next book in the Game On series!

Today begins the first day of my Game On Christmas posts. Although, those of you with a keen eye may have seen it yesterday! My intention was to round off the insane year the characters have had by celebrating Bree Collinson's 21st birthday party. The posts will read much like the A-Z Challenge posts I did in April, with each scene coming from a different POV. I will be posting them on a separate page on the blog because it is loaded with spoilers. If you haven't read Blindsided yet, that;s okay. But if you haven't read Game On and you don't want to know what happens, it's best not to even look! I wanted to do this as a thank you to all of you who have supported me - to let you know just how much I love you all for sticking by me, picking me up when I'm down and making me laugh out loud with your comments and posts. I hope I can manage to do the same for all of you in the future!

Finally, today I am helping the wonderful Cherie Reich with her blog tour!

Here I have a fabulous excerpt from The Nightmare Collection - and if you have never read anything by Cherie yet, you really need to! She's amazing!

He came around the desk and placed his phone before her. His hovering body heat warmed her back, and her cheeks burned. She should’ve shifted away, but she needed the flash of warmth to prepare her for what was in front of her. What she saw chilled her to the bone.
A mutilated corpse rested on a bed of dead leaves. A couple bright white flowers bloomed beside it. She leaned closer and enlarged the picture until she could see the person’s throat. Her hair shifted in front of her eyes, and she tucked it behind her ears. The jagged marks told her more than enough. She bolted from the chair, slamming right into him. He let out a soft “oomph” and grasped her arm before she could flee.
“Why are you showing me this?” She jerked away and back up until she bumped into the whiteboard. He stepped toward her and placed his arm against the board to block her escape. “What do you want from me?”
“I want your help.”
His jaw clenched, the muscles bunching before he relaxed. His thumb shifted and brushed against her arm. It tickled a bit and yet reassured her.
 “My help?”
“Yes.” Tim scooped up the phone and motioned to the picture. “Did the man who killed your friends do this?”
“It wasn’t a man, but a monster.”

Excellent, yes? If you want to check out this amazing collection of stories, here's all the details you need!

The Nightmare Collection Information

Book Description:
A legend is hungry tonight.

A child monster will get its first taste of blood in Nightmare at the Freak Show. Four friend will enter the forest on December night, but only one can survive in Once Upon a December Nightmare. Almost ten years after Cassie's December nightmare, the monster awakens to hunt again in Nightmare Ever After.

Publication Date: November 17, 2012

Cover art by Nicemonkey at Cover design by Aubrie Dionne. Bookworm logo for Surrounded by Books Publishing created by Cherie Reich.

Purchase Links for the ebook:

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Author Bio:
A self-proclaimed bookworm, Cherie Reich is a writer, freelance editor, book blogger, and library assistant living in Virginia. Her short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies. Her e-books include the horror series Nightmare, a short story collection with authors Aubrie Dionne and Lisa Rusczyk titled The Best of Raven and the Writing Desk, the futuristic space fantasy novelette trilogy Gravity, and The Foxwick Chronicles, a series of fantasy stories. She is a member of Valley Writers and the Virginia Writers Club.

Author Links:

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I am giving away prizes to two lucky people. The prize packages are open internationally and include: a signed copy of The Nightmare Collection, a signed copy of Gravity: The Complete Trilogy, and a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

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  1. What a great end to the tour. It has been fast! I really enjoyed the posts - it's clear you've put a lot of work in which is paying off for you. Great job!

    Congrats to Cherie! I have to read the rest of the collection based on that excerpt. I'm reading the first installment of the Gravity trilogy now, which is great. :)

    1. Thank you, Nick! Glad to hear you're enjoying the Gravity trilogy so far!

  2. Cherie rocks!
    Good way to end the tour. Hope you had fun and glad I could be a part of it.

  3. Holy crow Kyra- that was a lot of work for you to accomplish. You should be very proud of yourself!

    ** Big congrats to Cherie and best of luck on her start of her blog tour!!

  4. I see you have no plans of resting after a whirl wind blog tour! But that's good, I like it when you work hard.
    Best of luck to Cherie!

  5. Thank you so much for hosting me today, Kyra!! Congrats on your newest release and finishing up your blog tour!

  6. Last day of your tour already? Wow. Now it's time for you to relax. I'll be popping over to Annalisa's.

    Great excerpt from Cherie! Her collection is chilling!

  7. It was a fun tour. Looks like you are still going to be super busy though!

    Congrats to Cherie too :)

  8. Book sounds chilling.

    Did you have fun on your tour?

  9. yay for Cherie!!!
    And yay to you for completing and surviving your blog tour! Blog Tours are such a busy time!! I hope it was a huge success!

  10. It's been great seeing your blog tour around. It's also great seeing Cherie around. I always enjoy her excerpts and have some of her works on my Kindle.

  11. Cherie's book is definitely a horror book to read. And congrats on completing your blog tour Kyra.

    Fave horror movie: Carrie

    1. Thank you, Sheena-kay! And Carrie is such a great horror movie!

  12. Kyra, hope you enjoyed your book tour. I've been off the blogs writing. Cherie's book is a chiller. It's lovely to see bloggers supporting bloggers.

    1. Thank you, Denise! I hope it's a chiller. :)

  13. Thanks everyone! And thanks also for all the support for Cherie!

  14. This was a massive book tour, and it was great to see your book all over the place! Including on my own blog :) I have not read GAME ON so thanks for keeping the spoilers neatly tucked away. ;)

    I really want to read more of Cherie's stuff, haven't read anything but excerpts so far. :)

    1. I'm waiting to read Game On too, Trisha! So then I can read Blindsided and then the Christmas one on Kyra's blog. :)

      Thanks for stopping by!