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Game On Blog Tour Day 14 - The Final Post, Plus Team Leah/Team Radleigh Winners!


Two weeks ago, I sat nervously at my computer, wondering how this blog tour would go. Would anyone read my posts? Would anyone care about my book? Would it all just be a massive waste of time, resulting in me discovering that maybe writing just isn't my thing?

Today, I'm sitting in the same place, astonished by the incredible level of support, not just from bloggers I already knew, but people I'd never met before, saying they enjoyed my excerpts, liked the sound of my synopsis and my characters. It kind of blows my mind just how well Game On has done over the last weeks and I couldn't have done any of it without YOU! So, this is my end of tour thank you! To those who hosted me, who followed me on every stop, who have started following my blog, left comments of support, bought Game On, left reviews or ratings - I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am. It has been amazing!

Now, we reach the final stop of the tour - and it's right here! I had an idea to interview Leah and Radleigh together, and with the awesome Clare Dugmore as Bree Collinson - we came up with this slightly crazy idea! I hope you enjoy it, because it was a lot of fun to write!!

Please note, this interview isn't entirely fitting with the tone of the book, it's just something fun that we whipped up to round off the tour with a giggle!  (P.S Thanks to Clare for the fun graphics!)

Bree:  Today I've been invited to Kyra's awesome blog (we love you Kyra) to round off her Game On tour *throws confetti *. Kyra teamed together with Westburg Warriors manager Richard in an attempt to form a truce between Radleigh and Leah (I personally think they bicker like an old married couple, but shush, don't tell Leah that, she'll never speak to me again!). Richard thought it might help if Radleigh and Leah got to know each other a little better, and maybe find some common ground, and then Kyra came up with the totally awesome idea of holding a Mr. and Mrs competition where -
Leah: Hold it! Can we not call it a Mr and Mrs competition?
Bree: But, it’s supposed to be like that game show, where couples –
Leah: Couples. Yes. But Radleigh and I are colleagues.
Radleigh: It’s just a game, Leah.
Leah: Fine. Sorry.
Bree: So, what was I saying? Erm, oh yeah, right! Radleigh and Leah have to answer questions about each other in this … game. Kyra and Richard asked me to be the host, and well, I couldn't turn down this opportunity to buy a new outfit. So today ladies and gentlemen, let's play Mr. and Mrs.
Leah: If we must.
Bree: Yes, you must. *pouts and does puppy dog eyes *
Radleigh: Don't pretend you're not loving getting to know me, Leah. *grins *
Leah: Shut it. McCoy. What's the first question, Bree?
Bree: I'll start off with an easy one, what's Radleigh's favourite movie?
Leah: Ha, I know this. He says his favourite movie is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, but I have it on good authority that he has a thing for the James Bond movies. I reckon he fancies himself as 007. *rolls eyes* All those women.
Radleigh: Who told you I like Bond movies?
Leah. Well … nobody told me. It was an educated guess.
Radleigh: Well you're sort of right. I like anything that's British. *winks *
Leah: *shoots death stare at Radleigh*
Bree: *giggles* That is the correct answer, one point to Leah.
Radleigh: Bree, what's my first question about Leah?
Bree: Okay, 007, your question is, what is the first CD Leah bought?
Radleigh: Uh ... I ... I don't know, something by a bunch of pretty boys dressed in matching suits?
Leah: Please, credit me with some taste!
Bree: Come on Radleigh, I need more than that. At least have a guess.
Radleigh: I don't know ... this isn't fair, the question's too hard!
Leah: It's not that hard, you just need to listen when I'm talking instead of staring at my boobs.
Radleigh: You never mentioned anything about the first CD you bought. And if you don't want me to look, stop wearing low cut tops!
Bree: Radleigh!
Radleigh: What? I can't help it, I'm a guy!
Leah: Oh God, enough. Bree tell him the answer.
Bree: Okay. the answer was *giggles* Boom Shake The Room by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. No points to Radleigh. After the first round, it's Leah 1 - Radleigh 0. Well done Leah! Don't worry just yet, Radleigh, you can still make it up. The next questions are sports related. Leah, what was the first soccer game Radleigh went to?
Leah: Hmm. I don't know for sure, but I'll take a guess and say that it was one his Dad was in. So ... A Warriors match?
Radleigh: *in tone of Bree * Come on Leah, we need more than that!
Bree: Hey, that's my line! And do I really sound like that?
Radleigh and Leah: Yes.
Bree: You guys are like totally mean! *sticks out tongue *
Leah: *gives Bree a hug * Love you really!
Bree: Okay. But I'm sorry, Radleigh is right, I need you to be more specific
Leah: Nah, I have no idea.
Bree: You were half right, can I give Leah half a point? It was the Warriors against FC San Antonio.
Radleigh: No way! No half points! It's obvious my first match would be one my dad was in - it's the details that matter.
Leah. Details. The more I learn about you, the more I despise you.
Radleigh: *grins*
Bree: Okay, Radleigh can you even the score and tell me, what was Leah's favourite sport at school?
Radleigh: *grins wider* Yes. This I remember. She used to love playing soccer with the boys.
Bree: Leah! I knew you weren't as innocent as you looked!!
Leah: There's nothing dodgy about playing soccer with boys! Although ... they were very good-looking.
Radleigh: Do I get a bonus point for knowing that Leah liked playing in goal?
Bree: I bet there was loads of cute British boys, and they all looked like One Direction. *swoons*  Oh, sorry, what were you saying Radleigh, I was thinking about Harry's hair.
Leah: *giggles* Bree, you're a married woman, stop it with the Harry fantasies!
Bree: *giggles too* Just because I'm married doesn't mean I can't look. It's not like I'd ever do anything.
Radleigh: Bree. Focus. Bonus point?
Bree: Oh yeah, sure.
Radleigh: Thank you. *smiles smugly at bonus point allowance *
Leah: *makes point not to look in Radleigh's direction*
Bree: Okay, now that Radleigh has taken the lead, it's Leah 1 - Redleigh 2, onto the third round ... Leah, an easy one, what's Radleigh's favourite food?
Leah: Urgh, he eats like a pig. If he didn't work out so much, he'd be enormous.
Radleigh: Have you been checking out my muscles?
Leah: Get over yourself!
Radleigh: *to Bree * She's been checking them out.
Bree: *whispers under her breath * Jude's are bigger
Leah: Are they? I never really noticed.
Bree: It's okay Leah, you can check my husband out. Everyone knows he's gorgeous! Though Bryce's are bigger.
Leah: Mmm, Bryce. *goes off into a slight trance *
Radleigh: No, no, no. Back to me.
Leah: Right. Radleigh’s favourite food is steak – disgustingly rare, so it looks like it’s still alive.
Bree: Yes! That was the correct answer! Radleigh, what food is Leah allergic to?
Radleigh: Strawberries.
Leah: Damn you!
Bree: Are you really allergic to strawberries?
Leah: Yup.
Bree: Oh Leah, I'm so sorry! If I'd have known, I wouldn't have used strawberry scented shower gel this morning!
Leah: Haha, you're so cute! As long as I don't drink your shower gel, I'll be fine!
Bree: Oh, okay. I was really worried for a minute there. After three rounds the scores are Leah 2 - Radleigh 3. Let's see if you can take the lead, Leah. What is Radleigh's dream car?
Leah: The Batmobile?
Radleigh: Funny. Try again.
Leah: I know it because he already drives it, it's an Audi R8.
Bree: Correct! Radleigh, same question
Radleigh: Her dream car is my car. She told me the first day we met. She said she was impressed by it. I offered to take her for a spin, but she - very rudely, might I add - walked out on me.
Leah: Oh, that is not true! I didn't walk out on you because you asked me for a ride, I walked out on you because you asked me if I wanted to have sex with you.
Radleigh: *tries to conceal a smile* Maybe you misunderstood what I said.
Leah: How does one misunderstand, 'I'd really like to show you around, how about we start with my place?' You were trying to sleep with me.
Radleigh: *shrugs * Can't blame a guy for trying.
Leah: Whatever.
Radleigh: So, that's another point to me, yes?
Leah: Yes.
Bree: Okay, so Radleigh is still in the lead; it's Leah 3 - Radleigh 4, with one round to go. If Leah answers correctly but Radleigh doesn't we go to a tie breaker question. If Radleigh answers correctly, he's the winner
Leah: Bring it on!
Bree: Okay, what would the other person say YOUR best quality is? Leah, what did Radleigh say is your best quality?
Leah: He didn't say anything inappropriate, did he? Because I really don't want it reported to Richard that he said my best quality is my arse.
Bree: No. It’s all above board.
Leah: Okay, good.
Radleigh: You do have a great ass, but that isn't what I said.
Leah: Shut up. I suppose he'd say my best quality is how focused I am on my work,, He understands how hard I work, and I think he gets what it's like to have people scrutinising you. Not that everyone on the team hasn't been amazing, it's just that while I'm settling in, it still feels a bit like I'm on probation.
Bree: Oh wow, Leah. I don't know how you did that, but it's actually very close to what Radleigh said to Richard about you. Correct answer.
Leah: *looks at Radleigh in surprise * You really said that about me?
Radleigh: *laughing* Why the shock?
Leah: It's just uncharacteristically nice of you!
Radleigh: I can be nice.
Bree: Radleigh, same question. What did Leah say your best quality is?
Radleigh: I think Leah said something like what I said about her. That my best quality is my dedication to the team. When I'm on the field, I'm doing my job and even though she thinks I'm a pig, she admires my commitment to my work.
Leah: I do think you're a pig. But yeah, that's what I said.
Bree: Congratulations Radleigh, you're our winner!
Radleigh: Yes! What's my prize?
Bree: Erm ... there isn't one. Richard said the prize is knowing you've made the effort to get to know each other a little better, so that you can work peacefully together
Radleigh: What kind of lame ass prize is that?
Leah: Oh, you know the real prize is bragging rights about how you beat me in this contest. And my punishment is having to listen.
Bree: Okay guys, don't get into another argument. Think of what Richard said, and reflect on all the new things you've learned about each other. I mean, like, you both like Audi R8s. That's a start, right?
Leah: Bree, I adore you, but no amount of getting to know each other is going to make Radleigh and I become friends. But I suppose we can tolerate each other - which is something.

Now, it's time for the final part of this enormous last blog post! The winner of the Team Leah/Team Radleigh contest! Thanks to all of you who proudly displayed your team banners - it was so much fun to see them everywhere, and it was quite a  close contest in the end! However, the winning team is ....

Team Leah! So, if you supported her - you now have an extra entry into the Game On Blog Tour prize draw - and the winners of that will be announced sometime next week! 

Argh, I can't believe it's really over! Thanks again guys - and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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