Thursday, 9 February 2012

Three days of relaxation, and a meme!

So, I guess some of you read on my blog yesterday that I was away on a mini holiday! I was gone for three days, which is why I am a little bit behind on commenting on the posts in the "I'm Hearing Voices" blogfest. However, I am back now and trying to catch up.

I spent three days in Newquay, Cornwall, and for those who don't know, it's a glorious place in the far South West of England. It's one of my favourite places in the world, and any chance to go there and chill for a while it good with me! Just to give you an idea of the awesomeness - here are some photos of the view from my hotel room.

To me, there is nothing more inspiring than watching the waves from somewhere warm and comforting, and although I was supposed to be resting, I used some quiet time to work on my WIP. It ended up being some of my best work so far, and I hope to get back to that hotel again as soon as possible! It's like a writer's retreat!

Now, enough about my seaside mini break! I was tagged by Miranda Hardy in an 11 Questions meme. The idea of this, is that it's a "getting to know you" quiz, so I will answer the questions Miranda set me, then I have to post 11 new questions, and tag another 11 people to answer those. I will try not to tag anyone who has already done this - if I get it wrong, feel free to just link back to the questions you already answered! No pressure, just a bit of Thursday fun! :D

Here are the questions Miranda asked me, and my answers:

1. If you could travel back in time, what period would you most like to see? I always wished I grew up in the 1960s! The music back then was amazing, and I love the big hair, and cute clothes. If I could go back to that time, I think I would have a blast!

2. What is your favorite tree? Do Christmas trees count? Because I love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree lol

3. Do you prefer the sandy beach or a cabin in the mountains? Haha, I think you can probably guess from the photos above that I prefer the beach. :D

4. Which celebrity do you most resemble and why? I don't really look like anyone. I did a face recognition thing online once, and it compared me to J.K Rowling, but I am not quite sure how that happened as we look nothing like each other!

5. Fill in the blank. I would never ______________________. Stab my friends in the back. I have had it done to me on more than one occasion and it sucks.

6. Coffee or Tea? Generally speaking, tea. But I do love a good cup of coffee too!

7. A date with Brad Pitt or jumping out of a plane? Is "neither" an option? No? Okay, well I guess I'd take a date with Brad Pitt over jumping out of a plane. Scared of heights!

8. If you could donate $1,000,000 to any charity, which would it be? Most likely a cancer research charity.

9. What is a place you've never been, but would like to visit?
Rome. It looks amazing!

10. What is your favorite sweet? Okay, I'm English and this might mean something different here! Sweet would usually mean candy, but it can also mean dessert. I'm gonna pretend you mean dessert, and say without hesitation, sticky toffee cheesecake!

11. Who do you admire most (anyone alive or dead)?  Ooh, lots of people. But I am going to mention J.K Rowling again. I love that she started from such humble beginnings and created this incredible world of magic that millions of people all over the world fell in love with. I love her!

Now - people I'm going to tag:

1. Briane P (Thinking The Lions)
2. McKenzie McCann (The Ubiquitous Perspective)
3. Elizabeth Seckman (Use Your Words) 
4. Kelley (Between the Bookends) 
5. Leigh Covington 
6. Clare Dugmore Writes
7. Donna Hole 
8. Cassie Mae (Reading, Writing and Loving It)
9. Dianne Gardner (Ian's Realm)
10. Neurotic Workaholic (Obsessions of a Workaholic)
11. Roland D. Yeomans (Writing in the Crosshairs)

Just want to say again, there is no pressure to join in, but if you want to - here are your questions:

1. If there was only one food you could eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
2. What was your favourite TV show as a child?
3. What movie do you dislike, that everyone else seems to love?
4. What was the first record/cassette/CD you ever bought?
5. What would songs would be on the soundtrack of your life?
6. If you could excel at one thing, what would it be?
7. If you could choose your own first name, what would you choose?
8. Can you remember the first story you ever wrote? If so, what was it about?
9. What is your favourite snack?
10. Do you have any pets, and what do you have?
11. Who or what inspires you?

Okay, have fun! :D 


  1. There's just no place like the sea, it's just so comforting ... It looks like you had a perfect getaway.

    And a fun tag, it's always nice to get to know writers this way :)

    1. It really was lovely! I am so looking forward to getting back down there again!

      Yeah, I like the occasional meme too! Thinking up new questions is hard, though!

  2. I like question number one because it deals with time travel and presumably wormholes! And I'd choose the 60s too. I'd have a blast running around Central Park like the characters in Hair.

    1. YES! It seems like such an amazing time, and it would be great to get a chance to be involved in it, even for just a short time!

  3. Wow! Great answers and great new questions.

    Any sweet counts. lol And so do Christmas trees.

    The mini-holiday looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to one in April. Going to Disney for my birthday, but it won't be as relaxing. lol

    1. Thanks!

      Oh, I'm jealous! I've never been to Disney, but it would be nice to go one day. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. Ooo fun! Thanks for tagging me! I'm in :)

    1. You're welcome, looking forward to reading your answers later! :D