Thursday, 23 May 2013

Morgan Media Does Animated Bookmarks for Blog Sidebars and Websites

The lovely Rachel Morgan is here today, talking about the launch of Morgan Media, a brilliant company set up to help writers with the more awkward and time consuming things they have to deal with when launching and promoting a book. Not only does Rachel do stunning work, she offers excellent prices that won't break the bank! Check out what she made for me, AND read all about Morgan Media here:

Morgan Media is a small business offering quality services to indie authors at affordable rates.

Message from Rachel Morgan, the founder of Morgan Media:
"I'm an indie author, and it's taken me many, many, MANY hours of work to figure out how to navigate every step from finished manuscript to published work. There's the ebook formatting and the print book formatting and the ebook cover design and the print book cover design. Then comes the marketing--of both yourself and your book--and for that you need blog tour buttons and blog headers and Facebook fan page cover images and artwork for bookmarks and button badges and postcards and whatever else you might want to give away as part of your book launch. All of this takes a spectacular amount of time that you probably don't have, especially if you're busy promoting one book and trying to write the next one. So why not get someone experienced to take care of most of these steps for you? That's what Morgan Media is for."

Find Morgan Media in the following places online: 

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  1. Rachel rocks and I love these animated book marks for the side bar. Her headers and buttons are very good as well. I'm certain I will be buying something from the extras section later this summer.

  2. I love Rachel's designs and new business. Morgan Media is a brilliant idea, and Rachel is so talented. I'll definitely be keeping her in mind when I have a finished book.

  3. Congratulations, Rachel! Your covers and trailers rock.

  4. Thanks, Kyra, for letting me make you a bookmark! And thanks everyone else for the comment love :-)

  5. Rachel has done a fabulous job!

    Writer In Transit

  6. That is so cool! Yay for Rachel!

  7. I got here too late to enter!! I want one of those. I will have to check my money and see what I can afford!