Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Hey guys!

I feel like I owe you all a gigantic apology. I said I was back into this blogging thing, but since I last posted, stuff happened.

First and foremost, last week, my best friend's cat was taken suddenly ill, and we had to have her put to sleep last Wednesday. To some, that might sound like a feeble excuse, and I understand why. I used to feel the same. I always understood pet death would be sad, but before I had pets, I just kind of... shrugged it off. NOW I know better, and it wasn't even my cat. It's been a rough week for my friend, and I've spent a lot of time trying to help out in any way I can. It was pretty awful to see such a beautiful, full of life cat disintegrate so suddenly, and while it's not as hard for me as for my friend, it still hit me in a way I hadn't expected.

Secondly, I've been super busy sorting out the book signing stuff! Annalisa pointed out- rightly so - that I didn't include details of where it's happening in my last post! It wasn't entirely unintentional. It's just, most of the people who read this blog live in America, so the likelihood of anyone being able to come is VERY minimal. However, Annalisa was right. If I am promoting this event, I better do it properly! So... here are the deets:

"Local authors Kyra Lennon and Annalisa Crawford will be holding a book signing on June 15th at the Smugglers Inn, Dawlish, Devon. Books will be available for sale on the day, plus giveaways of signed bookmarks and other promo items. There will also be a raffle to raise money for Richard's Wish - top prize is a Kindle, but many other items will be raffled, too!"

If there are any Westcountry writers reading this, it would be amazing if you could come along and see us! It's shaping up to be a pretty good day, and the more people we get, the better! The Smugglers Inn is a great pub, with stunning views, even better food, and a great family atmosphere. 

So... that's what I've been doing. The thing with being busy is that I'm still doing everything I need to do, but it feels like I'm just going through the motions. Please know that if I promised you a blog tour/cover reveal post, it will be done, and please don't take my short, quick email responses as sign that I'm no longer interested in what you're doing. I still love and support you all, I'm just running on limited time and trying to cram way too much stuff into the day.

Thanks guys!


  1. Yay for you both and you don't know how much I'd LOVE to spend the day at a place called the Smuggler's Inn, especially with a bunch of writers :)

    Oh my... they'd probably have to order in another keg of Strongbow Cider :)

    GOOD LUCK... and cheers :)

  2. I totally get the pain of putting a pet down. It alters you for a while.

  3. If I wasn't on the wrong continent...
    Very sorry about your friend's cat. Putting a pet to sleep is one of the hardest things in the world to do.

  4. Sorry to hear about your friend's cat. Pets are like family.

    Good luck with the signing and have a fun day. I wish I was closer!

  5. The Smuggler's Inn sounds a wonderful venue but you are the wrong end of the country for me. Come nearer to the South East sometime soon.

  6. I'm sorry about your friend's cat. It's never an easy thing to experience, even when it's not your pet.

    Have fun at your signing, and, like Alex said, if I wasn't on the wrong continent, I'd be there.

  7. There's definitely a lot going on. If only England was closer.

    And I'm sorry about your friend's cat. It's so sad when a loved one--furry or not--dies.

  8. I'm very sorry for your friend. I hope things get better. And being super busy can get really hard after a while. I wish I could make it to your book signing, but I'm in the US. Sorry!

  9. Oh, Kyra... you're fine! We all get these hard moments in life when everything feels like a struggle! And you are so loved and respected. I wish I could go to the signing! So fun!!!!!!!! It will be a wonderful event!

  10. Sorry about your friends cat, losing a pet has to be a devastating experience. Best of luck with your book signing and take all the time you need to prepare. When you're ready to start blogging again regularly do we, we'll be waiting for you. *Hugs and Kisses*

  11. I had to put down one of our dogs a couple weeks ago...so I hear you!

  12. No apologies needed. Sometimes it takes awhile to get back in the swing of things. Especially when life isn't cooperating.

    I'm sorry for you and and your friend. The death of a pet is very hard. Good luck on your event.

  13. Oh my gosh how badly do I want to go and see you and Annalisa at a book signing? I wish I was closer!!

    And I'm very sorry about your friend and the loss of her pet. My cat is my little fur baby who I spoil rotten and love to death. I completely understand how devastating a pet loss could be.

    You get back into the swing of things when you can! xo

  14. I'd love to come, but I can't afford a ticket and I definitely can't swim that far. ;) The place looks absolutely gorgeous. Good luck!

    My sympathies to you and your friend.