Friday, 27 January 2012

The Writer's Bubble

Chances are, if you clicked on this based on the title, you already know what I mean by a Writer's Bubble. When I used to work hard on fiction, I found myself being surrounded by a little bubble of concentration. Nothing could burst it because I was so engrossed in the world I was creating on paper (obviously in the days before my trusty laptop came along!). It was a nice place to be, but at the same time, it was always a little isolating.

Cut to the present day, when I have been working hard on my "novel" again. I had actually forgotten about The Bubble. But today I realised that, in the times I have stepped away from the computer, I have still been in my own world, like a fiction trance. I only shook myself out of it a moment ago because, I was just finishing my lunch, and for unknown reasons, I threw my fork in the bin.

So, either it is because of The Bubble, or I am losing my mind! I prefer the first option. :D

Do you often find yourself trapped inside The Bubble? And have you ever done anything silly/strange/amusing because of it?


  1. Oh yes! I find myself in the bubble a lot, much to the annoyance of Hubby and baby.

    You want a response out of me while I'm writing, you're probably going to have to ask three or four times!

    And that's hilarious about you dropping your fork in the bin!!

  2. LOL, my mum has the same problem with me. I often hear, "Are you listening????" And I look up as if she hasn't asked me seven times and say, "Huh?" :D

  3. Sometimes I'm so in my bubble, I don't notice my kids come home from school :)