Blindsided Blog Tour

Here is a guide to where I'll be and what I'll be doing during the Blindsided blog tour!

November 26th

Reading, Writing and Lovin' It - Guest post from Jesse
Leigh Covington - Interview with Blindsided's Isabelle

November 27th 
Clare Dugmore Writes - A look inside Isabelle's portfolio
Bouquet of Books - Guest post about Christmas traditions

November 28th
Alex J. Cavanaugh - Guest post about Christmas movie memories
Christine Rains - Guest post about the romance of Christmas

November 29th
Use Your Words - Excerpt from Blindsided
Jenny's Imaginary World - Guest post from Willow

November 30th 
Tiffany's TV Takedown - Blindsided Paperback Giveaway
Bird's Nest - Guest post about Christmas memories

December 1st and 2nd - Post-free weekend! Take a deep breath - week 2 is where the silliness begins!

December 3rd
So, You're A Writer - Guest post from Georgia
Entertaining Interests - Excerpt from Blindsided

December 4th
Scattergun Scribblings - A look inside Winter Wonderland + winter hat giveaway
Chock Full of Words - Blindsided review

December 5th
Writing On The Wall - Gingerbread fun!
Adventures Between The Bookends - Blindsided Giveaway

December 6th
Jaycee DeLorenzo - A Christmas message from Los Angeles
Tribute Books - Interview

December 7th
Annalisa Crawford - Plans for Game On, Book 3

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